Recipes from America in 1887

These recipes I found in an old cookbook. Some of them I have made others not so much it really does depend on how well it transfers to gluten

Buddha Bowl

How this Buddha Bowl menu works is you choose one ingredient from each category to craft your tailored made Buddha Bowl. You can make it any way you want

Food Video Games

Games centered around food. Cook, Serve, Delicious This is a great game, one of my personal food video games favorite. There are three of them but only the first

Chewy Sugar Cookies

If sugar cookies are not you thing why not try this brownies for two recipe.

Simple Thin Crust Pizza Dough

I have never tried this with regular flour, only gluten-free and this is my favorite thin crust dough. Sure its a little tricky but almost anything with gluten-free flour

Creamy Vanilla Whipped Topping

I like to add chopped nuts to top the whipped topping you can also use shaved chocolate or salted caramel sauce. Both taste great with this topping.

Wine Poached Pears

The first time I made this my husband thought I was serving him beets with a cream sauce. He was very surprised to discover it was a dessert and

Chocolate Donut and Glaze

I love this recipe because it converts to gluten free so well no need to add xanthan gum. You can glaze the top like in the photo or glaze

Salisbury Steak

This goes great with any gravy really the three main types are mushroom, onion and regular beef gravy. Makes for a filling and satisfying meal. Serve with mashed potatoes

Lazy Man’s Cobbler

This must be one of the easiest dessert recipes I know. It requires very little prep. The recipe calls for flour, sugar, and milk each are measured out to

Brownies For 2

Share with your special someone or eat them all to yourself. I wont tell. This is my go to for a small batch of brownies and everytime they come

Menu Planning Building Blocks

Different Ways Menu Planning can improve your Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast selections. Does menu planning save you money? The short answer is yes and here are some of the

First Post

Wish me luck, I think I will need it. So here is my official first post. I am totally new to blogging for myself, but I have confidence in