Table d’Hote Menu Examples

I have put together Table d’Hote menu examples to show case the way this menu is used.

Table d’Hote menu examples I made for this post.

There are seven diverse types of menus and Table d’Hote is one of them. This menu is a fixed price menu and that means you choose an option for your course of meal.

For instance, you will find a choice of appetizer, entre, and dessert. The Table d’Hote menu has options that are more interchangeable than say the Prix Fixe menu.

Appetizers, main entrée, and dessert have multiple choices but can only pick one option per category. It has a price fixed for the whole menu.

First you must come up with an appetizer that will compliment your main dish and not fill up the one who is eating it. Usually this is a small salad, something fried or a soup.

The purpose of the appetizer us to increase your hunger for the main meal and not to be overly filling or heavy.

Next there is the main dish, this is the star of the menu. This is often a form of protein whether it be a meat, fish, or tofu.

There are also pasta dishes or vegetable-based dishes that can be put as an option on your menu. If you look at the Table d’Hote menu examples I put together you will see that different diets were taken into consideration.

Making sure to cater to different diets increases the likelihood of having satisfied customers, from personal experience I am always pleased when there is a gluten free menu or options that are clearly labeled.

Finally, my favorite course, dessert. When picking out a dessert you want it to be a lovely finish to your carefully picked out menu.

You do not want to pick something that is to heavy or the portions to large. A giant slice of triple chocolate cake will go mostly uneaten due to how rich that type of cake is.

Take in mind that this type of menu is specifically for one person unless specified so the portions should reflect that they will not be shared by a couple perse.

Things to Remember

  • Try to have varied options but not overly complicated.
  • Keep different diets in mind for instance low carb is useful for many diets and for those with diabetes, you don’t have to make it specifically keto, paleo, or any other diet.
  • To many options that are vastly different will put a strain on your food costs.
  • Balance the flavor profile for an enjoyable meal course and satisfying finish.
  • Do not overdo it with portions make them reasonably sized for one person.
  • Keeping things simple makes it easier for everyone involved.
  • This menu type is often seen at weddings or other similar functions.
This is the last of the Table d’Hote menu examples

You may use any of my Table d’Hote menu examples for personal use only, if you would like me to build a specific menu for you, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

You can also contact me with questions or anything else. Check out my post on menu planning here and to check out all my recipes you can find them under repertoire.


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