Simple A la Carte Menus

If you don’t know what A la Carte menus are or need a refresher, check out this post for more in-depth information. Here I want to show the different ways you can use simple la carte menu examples, either it be for work home or hobby.

This menu type does not have to be varied or complex.  In the example below I take the A la Carte menu concept in turn it into a child friendly Ala carte styled menu. Giving children choices encourages independent thinking and decision-making skills.

This is styled after the A la Carte menu

Simple uncomplicated choices for home are great for those nights you just can’t decide on what to eat or make as a side.

Planning menus calculating food and beverage costs along with taking inventory will pave the way for staying on top of your finances and encourage a productive habit.

A menu does not have to have a large selection or be flashy to appear impressive and elegant. Skills and flavor profiles speak louder than bright colors or photographs.

Keep in mind family favorites that you are confident in preparing. Not just listing new recipes that sound interesting. I totally encourage trying new recipes or food preparation skills. It’s just you will want to keep it to one or two new things per week, so you don’t get overwhelmed or overwhelm your family.

Hand drawn street cafe background. Menu design, sketch restaurant city, exterior architecture, vector illustration

Young children also get easily overwhelmed and often benefit from a smaller selection than a hugely varied meal list.

Creating a simple menu is a great way to practice building balanced and tasty meals that will benefit your family or customers. Do keep in mind with a simple A la Carte menu the meals are split up into different dishes and not a full meal.

One of the upsides to using an A la Carte menu is that it is easier to see which of your dishes are the most popular and which options should be replaced with something new since it is not as popular.

This one is very basic

I find the perfect menu to model after the A la Carte menus style is a breakfast menu. Breakfast tends to be a smaller meal than lunch or dinner and often times are more varied than the other menu types. Plus, breakfast is the most important meal to fuel your body and mind through out the day and more options gives better opportunities in making a well-balanced meal.

Making healthy choices in the beginning of your day can affect your mind as well as your body. It is said that an apple in the morning gives you more energy than a cup of strong coffee or tea.


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