Recipe Cards and Recipe Card Examples

They do not have to be complex

Attractive recipe cards are a great way to share your recipes with friends and family. I often use them for food gifts, like a soup in a jar or a homemade hot chocolate kit during the winter.

I have noted children are delighted by the hot chocolate kit or a set of hot chocolate bombs. For the adult version I prepare them with a bottle of peppermint schnapps or Baileys if it is a mocha.

For the holidays

Having a few blank recipe cards on hand at a potluck or any gathering that involves food is useful to collect new recipes. I am always gathering recipes at these types of functions.

It really helps expand my recipe book. Making your own recipe cards is fun and gives them a more personal touch. When I first started making my own recipe cards the software I used was simply Microsoft PowerPoint.

This one is done in green

One useful thing I found invaluable with that software is the ability to turn the slides into either a PNG or a JPEG file by going to export then go to change file type. There you can choose how you want to change your slides. It’s also a great tool in making templates for menu planning or meal prep.

These days I prefer to use Krita which is a free digital arts program or Inkscape.

The template doesn’t even need to be food related

Inkscape is good for vector creation and logo design. It is also a free software, both are powerful and user-friendly.

A few of my friends prefer Canva it’s not something I use. It can create multiple different types of digital arts such as book covers or pins for Pinterest.

I do favor bright colors

There’s both a free version that is limited or a paid version. I am more comfortable with the other two software’s I previously mentioned.

Getting awesome fonts for your recipe cards is easier than you think. One of my go to’s is and when I want to create my own fonts I use calligraphr.

With leaves

Both places are free and new user friendly. Don’t forget to check out public domain images for use in your creative pursuits. All images that are in the public domain are free and you can use them for anything you wish.

Making your own recipe cards is both rewarding and personal. Any form of creative art is something to be proud of. The good news is you can only get better with practice. I like to keep examples of my work to see how I am improving, and which layouts work the best.

Kitchen tools is one of my favorite non-colored backrounds

If you do, make your own recipe cards I would love to see them.


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