Prix Fixe Menu Examples

The Prix Fixe menu is very similar to that of the Table d’Hote menu. There is one major difference, the menu is fixed.

You don’t get to pick out options like you can with the Table d’Hote menu or the A la Carte menu.

Both have a price that does not change depending on your choice, but unlike the previously mentioned menu this menu does not give wiggle room to pick out your own appetizer, main, and dessert.

There are usually a few options, so you are not just one meal with out any choice.

It is good practice to take others’ diets and allergies in mind when making your Prix Fixe menu.

The first example I did not make sure to have one diet friendly selection. I find myself often listing low-carb and gluten free together, this

is mostly because a good number of low-carb recipes are grain free which helps to make the gluten free option easier to fill.

With the Prix Fixe menu, I find having three options to be the most well received and makes it easy to choose.

This is especially true for functions like weddings, unless it is family service then you just grab whatever looks good.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure your meal compliments each other. (You don’t want to serve a heavy salad before a beef dish or lamb dish.)
  • Your serving sizes should reflect the type of function. If the meal is to heavy, like at a wedding. Less people will be willing to go onto the dance floor.
  • Keep the menu simple. Having widely different options increases food costs. This can cause unneeded stress to the kitchen.
  • Three is the golden number for this menu.
  • There is a fixed price for each of them menu options (see first menu)

The Prix Fixe menu is great for functions where you want your customers or party members to feel like they have more of a choice than just picking a meal on the rsvp.

If someone has an allergy in your party, please make sure to have an option for them. I can’t tell you how many times I had to go hungry due to my diet restrictions and there not be any friendly options.

Don’t be afraid to be creative but remember you can never go wrong with staple foods. Options are great. Mainly when there isn’t to many of them. Becoming overwhelmed is one of the down points in to many options.


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