Food Video Games

Games centered around food.

This is a picture for the cook serve delicious video games. It is the 3rd one that is in the for front.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

This is a great game, one of my personal food video games favorite. There are three of them but only the first is available for mobile gaming. This game embodies what it is like to deal with orders like a true chef.

You get tickets to fill and enjoy the fun task of working against time. The timed levels and patient decay along with chores, gives a real sense of urgency. This game is super easy to learn, incredibly hard to master.

One of my favorite food video games.

Battle Chef Brigade

Mind you I am not a large fan of platform games, I rather loath them. This game though caught my heart. It combines the hunter/gatherer, platform and puzzler with some slight hints of time management.

The writing is rather hilarious, and the story line is engaging. I love how many dishes you can make and the fact it includes the free play options. This is good if the main story line is giving you a hard time. This one is a well-rounded game with multiple focus while still staying true to the food genre.

Dungeon Munchies

This one is a platformer through and through. In Dungeon Munchies you can fight, cook and level up to find out what has happened.

You start out as a zombie who fights the vegetable and bug monsters. Your goal is to survive and to escape the underground facility you are revived in. This one is very playful and fun.

Notable Mentions.

Not including mods for games like Skyrim or Minecrafts Pams harvest craft, here are a few mobile games that are food based and enjoyable.

Restaurant Dash with Gordon Ramsay

This is mostly a memorization of recipes and time management each level takes at most 3-5 minutes.

Why I like it so much is because it does take a little bit of skill and the amount of variety. It is also a multiplayer so that you can face off with your friends and see who the better chef is.  It does help that I find the dialogue amusing

Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God

I find this one fun. It is also a hunter/gather type game with some RPG elements, it is super easy and a great time killer. The options for meals you can cook is quite extensive and varied.

Shows a picture for the hungry hearts video games.

Hungry Hearts 2

If you enjoy clicker games this one is for you. It is packed with stories from your customers and a lot of idle earning. This game is super cute and totally mindless. The foods are all Japanese but there is a large variety of recipes to learn.

For real Menu Planning and Building your own menu check out out these links. If you want to learn about FIFO or School Lunch planning please have a look around.

This post is for PUBG fans or if you are curious about the cross platform game. Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner.

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