First Post

Wish me luck, I think I will need it.

So here is my official first post. I am totally new to blogging for myself, but I have confidence in my knowledge. I know that this will not be the easiest of jobs. The hardest jobs can be the most rewarding or so I hope.  

Food is my passion, there is something very special about it that never fails to bring people together. I know it is done less often these days, neighbors used to greet a new person with a dessert or an easy to reheat meal so those first few days of unpacking you wouldn’t have to worry about dinner. I do not like to be around other people. It gives me bad anxiety, although I find this is trend so wholesome. Even if it seems like most people are allergic to something. It can be is just a hassle to explain why you can’t eat that certain dish. Sigh.

Moving onto greener pastures.

It has been a long time since I haven’t done in years is photography or digital arts (my only AP classes in high school) namely with food. I expect a learning curve. I know these first few months will be hard. I have been cramming as much info as I can to prepare myself for this endeavor. There has been me practicing my digital art, I am so rusty. Last time I touched a program like Illustrator was back when Illustrator CS just came out. Practice makes perfect or so they say.

Sticking with this is a plan of mine, I want to be able to post or write. Even when I feel like the world is my enemy. Depression is no joke, but I want to be able to power through it and keep up with healthy habits. Depression doesn’t define who I am, it is just a speed bump. This is a good thing because it makes me take a step back and evaluate more thoroughly. Over thinking, I do it regularly.

Books teach you lots but experience is the best teacher.

My main food skills is both bistro and BBQ.  The bistro I worked in was right next to the courthouse, so lunch was super busy. With the BBQ restaurant, it was broad stroke southern for northerners. I will say that the owner had won many of awards for his BBQ sauces and rubs down south. Dixie kiss was my favorite, it was a sweet and spicy sauce. Great on the smoked chicken wings, they where the fastest of the grilled meats. I would often make myself a set to eat with extreme haste.

Both places taught me different skill sets, both really reamed home, to the point was inventory and time management. A little saying one of my head chefs used to spew at us, prep work is good work. The more prepared you are the easier you can whether the storm of hungry bellies. Hangry is a real concept. I have seen it many times.

Blogging tip sites say that the first post will eventually get lost in all your posts. So there is nothing to worry about. I really do hope this gets lost, very very lost.


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  1. Welcome to the blogging world. There are so much to learn. I am in it over 12 months, and i learn something new every week. You page looks awesome. Can’t wait to see all you have to offer.

  2. arun says:

    very nice article, very interesting

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