Fifo In Inventory Management

Having this inventory management habit is vital to make sure you don’t let things go bad or expire. The First in, First out or FIFO for short, will be a useful policy in your pantry and refrigerator it will ensure your ingredients get used.

Now let us discuss what Fifo really is.

FiFo the building blocks to menu planning.

To make it simple it is an integral part of a food rotation. Items that expire soonest should be at the front of the shelf or container. Making sure the foods that need to be used first are the forefront of your items.

Here are a few steps of Fifo;

  • Find the item with the soonest expiration date.
  • Place this in the front of the shelf or refrigerator.
  • Move the newer items behind the older items.
  • Always check dates.

If you find a product without a sell by or use by, make a label with the date on it. You will find that always labeling your food is in your best interest. It will become a mainstay for your new rotation and inventory system.

Making this system a habit is a continuous process. After bringing home fresh foods all you need to do is just slide it behind what you already have. Remember that adjusting your food inventory will ensure it is kept up to date and a new habit is being formed.

This system is a boon for menu prepping. Others have found that knowing what is in the inventory or what needs to be replenished, brings peace of mind and this includes myself. Knowing what needs to be used up helps you plan out menus.

Using Pinterest will make it easier to find recipes for specific diets, saving you time and reasearch. Finding recipes is easy these days with the ineternet at our finger tips.

It is incredibly easy to grasp and even easier to master. Don’t let any one stop you from getting your labeling and food rotation goals completed. You will be thankful that you learned this skill.

There are many benefits to using a food cycling plan. These span from simple cost to peace of mind.

These are the benifits of FiFo and meal planning.

  • Safer food storage.
  • Reduces food cost.
  • Shrinks food waste.
  • Easier to track foods peak freshness or ripeness.
  • Peace of mind knowing what you have on hand.

There are many practices to help prolong your foods shelf life. Like washing your produce, and properly drying the fruit and storing them in a clean container. After you have put it in the clean container do not forget to label with the date and time.

Remember to never thaw food out on your counter. Running your wrapped food under cold water will cut the thaw time in half. To avoid making a mess in your fridge please remember to place a plate under the thawing food.

Using the first in, first out system is a benefit to anyone who uses it. With this procedure it is a a large step into planning and proper food handling skills.

Building up a new habbit takes time and dedication, it is a skill worth having.

If you use this it is for personal use only.

Fun Facts and Tips.

  • Accountants use a similar system.
  • Don’t overload your fridge.
  • This habit ensures quality control
  • Trims the time you need to put away items.
  • Warehouse facilities will use Fifo to manage their stock and retail space.
  • Never be afraid of labeling your food, this way you never question it.
  • If in doubt it is best to throw it out.
  • Streamlines your cooking and preparation time.

Feel free to contact me with all questions.


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  4. I’m trying to understand why I haven’t tried this before now (& I’m old!). Thanks so much for this very helpful content on controlling food waste and streamlining cooking and preparation time! Love it!

  5. Great tips here! We do all right keeping up with things in our fridge, but the pantry? Not so much. I just threw out some crackers that expired in 2015!! Yup, in the back of the pantry.

  6. As an accountant who uses FIFO to track boring money and investments, I love that you are using that term in a more creative way! These are great tips to help prevent food waste and ensure I consume everything I am buying!

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