Drink Menu Examples

A drink menu is a type of menu for beverages, not always are they solely for alcoholic drinks. You can also use them to showcase fresh juice, smoothies, virgin cocktails, and specialized sodas.

I’ve put together several drinks menu examples to give you an idea how they look and the type of selections that can be offered. Drink menus are a great way to offer signature cocktails this includes virgin cocktails which are perfect choice for pregnant patrons and designated drivers.

Children are delighted to be able to select a special mixture. When I was a child, I loved the opportunity to order a virgin daiquiri or even just a Shirley Temple.

It is a good strategy to offer six unique beverages on your drink menu. People enjoy trying new flavors. Make sure to include a description of your cocktails to further tempt your customers into trying a new and tasty beverage.

By using creative names and strategically placing the price you can increase customer interest in what you are offering.

Keeping your drink menu updated ensures there is always something new to explore and try. It is beneficial to your business to offer a separate drink menu, at the very least it is a good idea to have a happy hour menu.

With this drink menu example, I have put four options for happy hour. A Cape Codder is a vodka and cranberry juice it got its name from an East Coast town in Massachusetts.

The Sunrise Bliss is a mixed drink made of vodka, grenadine, orange juice and a splash of lemonade. Limetini is made up of vodka, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice and finished off with a sugar dusted rim.

I put shots as the cheapest and the lowest on the list, this is because customers will often skim through a menu and the shots are eye catching. The placement and price encourage a second look through, raising the chance of an order being placed.

With these drink menu examples below you can see it offers juice and smoothies, perfect for breakfast and those not interested in alcoholic beverages.

Having both a wine and a beer list that offers unique options is a very attractive to diners and those wishing to unwind or enjoy new flavors.

By having pictures and an eye-catching layout you inspire curiosity to peruse your offered selections. Drink menus can also be seasonal much like this summer soda drink menu example.

It is paramount that you don’t over offer a large custom drink selection because it will tax your waitstaff and bartender, this can lead to long wait times on beverages or messed up orders which displeases everyone involved. Keep this in mind while you look through the drink menu examples namely with easy to remember drink names and a brief list of ingredients in each beverage.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your signature drink selection so you find out what works best for your clientele and establishment.

Remember you can never go wrong with the classics. Personally, I prefer shots everyone has their type of poison. If you find yourself stuck on creating signature drinks you can check out more drink menu examples on Pinterest or other types of menu examples.

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