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Meal laid out for dinner with family.



I hope that you sometimes get cravings so that you understand the feeling. I find myself craving different dinner that I have had in my childhood. Food that invokes those warm and fuzzy feelings.

Everyone has different tastes.  You also can’t forget that culture has a huge impact.

Since I grew up in America most of my favourite dinner meals are of course American or Americanised. For me these dinners include:

Cottage Pie or Sheppard’s Pie

My father would make this with left over mashed potatoes I swear that man had a gift when it came to making mashed potatoes. His always where perfect,never made from a box, creamy yet chunky. I will say, now that I make it on my own cottage pie also known as Sheppard’s Pie, I now add all sorts of vegetables. My father’s version only used canned corn.

Here is a good classic one.

Look here for one with pot roast.

Bagel pizzas

This was rare, but it was one of the few things I was allowed to help with
in the kitchen, so I have a fondness for them. Now I make the bagels from
scratch, and it has become an even rarer treat. Don’t let my habits stop you
from making one of these nostalgic treats.

Need a gluten free bagel recipe? Go HERE.

Never made bagel pizza before. Look over here.

Can’t figure out toppings? Check this list here.

Taco night.

Fond memories of this dinner meal and it was served about once a month. Usually ended up with my brothers and myself having a who can eat more tacos belly ache, no we never learned our lesson.

Our family had both soft and hard taco shells. With that there was also
seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, salsa, and shredded cheese. I now know this is such an Americanised way to make tacos.

Taco seasoning here.

Burrito Seasoning is this, and I like that it has free printable


Dinners at my Nanas would be a huge get together of my whole family and she used to make the most amazing lasagna. Everything was homemade. My dad never got the hang of it, and Nanas was always better.

There are many different options, lasagne is flexible. I like to experiment
with lasagne. Spinach and feta and even a salmon lasagne are a couple of examples.  With that, here are a few of the ones I have tried out and enjoyed.

Easy and simple version here

One of my favourites here.

Salmon if you are feeling adventurous.

Mac and cheese

I have not met a kid who won’t eat this. Even the gluten free and vegan
versions are still a huge hit. This one doesn’t need much of a preamble. One place I worked at served an amazing mac and cheese, and that lobster mac and cheese was decadent and easily one of my favourites to order on my shift.

The links below are some of my favourites with that I hope you
enjoy them too.

Panera Copy Cat.

Gluten and Dairy Free.

Hamburger Helper

A box, a pan, and a pound of ground beef. This was often served on busy
nights. With multiple options I am sure you can find one suitable for your
family. You really can’t beat one pot meals like hamburger helper. The 30 minute or less cook time ia great selling point. To finish off the dinner recipes list, here are my top three go to’s.

Stroganoff here

Taco Rice over here.

Classic cheesy located here.



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