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Counting Calories for Weight Loss, and How to Do It.

There has been some debate if counting calories for weight loss is a healthy approach. Some will agree that counting calories for weight loss is an effective way to

Malted White Russian

Ingredients 2 oz Vodka 1 oz Coffee 1 oz Half and Half 1 Tbs Malted Milk Powder Put everything in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain and poor

Spruce syrup

Ingredients One Cup spruce tips One Cup sugar One Cup water Clean spruce tips place them in a heat proof bowl or jar. Mix the sugar and water in

Kraken Mai Tai Punch

2 oz Kraken Rum .75 oz Malibu Rum .75 oz Amaretto 1.5 oz Orange Juice 3 oz Pineapple Juice .75 oz Lime .75 oz Grenadine Shake with ice and


2 ½ oz Bourbon Whiskey 1 oz Sweet Vermouth 2 dashes Angostura Bitters ¾ oz Water Shake with ice until chilled. Garnish with cocktail cherry.

Restaurant Menu Examples

Need help creating a menu for your restaurant? Or maybe you are just curious about restaurant menu examples. Whatever the reason you found the right place. There are various

BRAT Diet What is it Used For

Most of us do experience diarrhea sometimes, whichever causes it.  The BRAT diet is gentle on your digestive system. Meals to be taken for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea should

Du Jour Menu Examples

There are several menu types that can be selected for use in a restaurant, with these Du Jour menu examples you will better understand this menu type. This added
a cycle menu example using a three week cycle it uses food drawings and text to show the difference in the weeks cycle menu rotation light colored with a drawn plant border mixed drinks are the menu example week b food icons

Cycle Menu Examples

What is a Cycle Menu? It is one of the many menu types you will find at a food establishment, namely a cafeteria like in a hospital or school.

The Different Types of Keto Diet

There are three different types of Keto diet, they have very similar rules. Some are stricter than others. Here I present the three main types of Keto diet, although

Keto Mascarpone Mousse

Ingredients 8 ounces mascarpone cheese 1 cup whipping cream ¾ teaspoon vanilla stevia drops Directions Whip together mascarpone, cream, and sweetener in large mixing bowl with electric mixer until

Drink Menu Examples

A drink menu is a type of menu for beverages, not always are they solely for alcoholic drinks. You can also use them to showcase fresh juice, smoothies, virgin

Fixed Menu Examples

Menus with limited options that adhere to a fixed price are known as a fixed menu. There are two types of menus that fall under this category, and they

Low-Fiber Diet, Is It Healthy?

A Low-Fiber Diet is gentle on a stressed gastro system. Fiber is the part of plant-derived food that cannot be broken down by human digestive enzymes. It is made

Dessert Menu (Examples), The Sweet Treats to Finish a Meal

The dessert menu has always been my favorite part of a menu, both in making and eating this sweet end to your course. It is served at the end
Lovely bowl of a chicken and green salad

Perfect Salad, How to Achieve Making One.

What are the Five Main Salad Types? When you go to make your perfect salad, you might want to take these into consideration along with the types to create

Menu and Types of Menus.

What Is A Menu? A menu is created when you compile various dishes for choice. Through the types of menus you can create a satisfying meal. There are seven

A La Carte Menu Samples with Mock Menus.

Dependent on who you ask A La Carte means, by the card, by the piece, or going against the menu. In these A La Carte menu samples you will

Fatty Liver Disease, How to Get Healthy Again with a Liver Shrinking Diet.

What is fatty liver disease? In short, fatty liver disease is a common disease of the liver and most people do not show symptoms. An ultrasound of your liver

Recipe Cards and Recipe Card Examples

Attractive recipe cards are a great way to share your recipes with friends and family. I often use them for food gifts, like a soup in a jar or