A la Carte Menu Examples.

What does A La Carte mean?

A La Carte is when a patron orders a specific dish type that is separate from a listed meal. An example of A La Carte can be perceived in the action of ordering an extra side or sauce. In some cases it has been translated to mean ‘by the piece’.

Yet in a few instances it is said to mean a person going against the menu.

The polar opposite of the A La Carte menu type is table d’Hote. The meaning of table d’Hote can be translated to ‘according to the menu’ and is one of the two fixed menu types.

A la Carte with Examples.

This a la carte menu example is pretty generic but give a good idea what you want to aim for with this style.

Ideally in strictly A La Carte menu examples each dish is priced separately. This makes it a perfect menu for pick and choose, building your preferred meal preferences. This menu type is more varied and flexible.

A La Carte is both an adjective and an adverb. The phrase was adapted from French and originally meant ‘according to the card’. The static menu type will sometimes have a section dedicated to this type of menu and selections.

Because of the style of this menu type, you potentially have more control over your portion size and makes it easier to avoid allergens or irritants. It is also particularly useful for conditions such as diabetes.

In this a la carte menu example i aimed for a simple a la carte menu
Simple A la Carte menu example.

Pros and Cons



  • Can be harder to make choices.
  • You run the risk of ordering to much or too little.
  • Tastes clashing or feeling discordant.
  • Harder to control the price of your meal.
This shows a basic lunch menu done in the a la carte style.
Finial menu example.

There are more than 8 different menu types, and each are unique from each other. There is also the menu types that hotels and catering use. Knowing the difference between each type and style makes it so much easier to plan out a menu or meal.

Do not forget to factor in diets so that there are options for every lifestyle.

Each of the menus are merely mockups to give you a good idea of A La Carte Menu examples. You can use the assorted styles of this menu to find one that is a good fit for you and your needs.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


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